Sorbact foam dressing is a bacteria and fungi binding wound dressing, based on Sorbact technology, for low to moderately exuding wounds. Sorbact foam dressing absorbs and retains exudate, thereby reducing the risk of maceration and enabling a moist wound environment. The semi-permeable backing film allows excess fluid to evaporate. 

Sorbact superabsorbent is a dressing that may also prevent strikethroughs and leakage. The dressing can be used in compression therapy. 

Sorbact foam gentle border is a dressing with soft, adhesive silicone borders that enables atraumatic dressing changes. Showerproof and breathable backing film. 

A non-absorbent bacteria- and fungi binding wound contact layer, based on Sorbact Technology, that allows passage of wound exudate into a secondary dressing. Sorbact Compress prevents and treats wound infections and facilitates the wound healing process. The dressing helps reduce odor and pain and can improve wound healing and decrease wound size. 

Sorbact absorption consists of a Sorbact DACC™-coated wound contact layer combined with an absorbent core, which absorbs and retains exudate. Sorbact absorption prevents and treats wound infections and facilitates the wound healing process. 

Sorbact gel dressing is a sterile dressing covered with gel that binds bacteria and fungi. It consists of a green Sorbact wound contact layer with a water-based gel. Sorbact gel dressing provides moisture and helps to create a moist wound environment. 

Sorbact ribbon gauze is designed for use in the treatment of clean, contaminated, colonized, or infected exuding wounds, such as cavities and fistulas. Sorbact ribbon gauze is also designed for use with fungal infections in skin folds. 

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