Compression therapy is an effective treatment to help improve blood flow in your lower legs. Medical supplies related to compression therapy that we carry are Anti-embolism stockings, farrow wraps, men’s compression stockings, sheer stockings, ulcer care, unisex compression stockings, upper body compression, and more.

Normatec compression therapy is a recovery system that helps athletes recover between their training session. The Normatec pulse recovery system consists of compression device that surrounds your arms, legs or hips.

Joya Medical Supplies stock a wide range of compression therapy products that help you assist with proper blood circulation through legs, thighs, feet and more.

Cold and compression are routinely applied immediately after acute injury or following surgery to alleviate pain, reduce swelling and speed functional recovery. Cold compression therapy combines four elements of therapeutic benefit as rest, ice, compression, and elevation, to reduce pain and swelling over injured soft tissues.

Using compression therapy supplies helps treat pain and swelling caused by venous edema and lymphatic disorders. Compression therapy for legs means wearing special medical compression stockings to suit your needs.

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