A catheter is a tube that is inserted into your bladder, allowing your urine to drain freely.

There are numerous male catheters available, so it is important that you take the time to decide which one is the best for you. A catheter needs to fit you physically, and to fit your lifestyle.

A hydrophilic intermittent catheter designed with input from clinicians to help provide a high level of discretion for women who use catheters. The catheter is beautiful and easy to use.

Releen Inline Foley Catheter is 100% silicone, has a radiopaque line for easy x-ray viewing, removing the need for dye.

We have a variety of female catheters and male catheters that helps in dealing with incontinence and urinary care. With us we have 12ch Catheters, 14ch Catheters, 16ch Catheters, 18ch Catheters, and more.

Intermittent Catheter Female is discreet to carry and is ready to use, hydrophilic catheter.

Different types of catheters available with us are Single Use Catheters, Folysil Catheter, Supra Plus Catheter, Cliny Catheter, Hollister Catheter, Conveen Catheter, Apogee Intermittent Catheter, Infyna Chic Catheter, Hydrophilic Catheter, Easicath Catheter, Actreen Hi-Lite Catheter, Bd Urinary Catheter, Luja Catheter, Bardex Catheter, Biocath Catheter, Actreen Mini Catheter.

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