Followed by surgery, surgical instruments are required to carry other medical equipment in these trays or to keep something that is extracted during the surgery. This hospital hollowware is necessary for surgical utensils.

Joya Medical Supplies offers an extensive range of corrosion-resistant, durable, high-quality utensils for hospitals and nursing services. Hollowware utensils include bowls, jugs, kidney dishes, medicine cups, trays and many more.

Hollowware equipment like kidney dishes is shaped a kidney and is useful in surgery procedures to carry small instruments, some wastage, bandages, dressing material and other relevant materials.

Trays are also one of the essential medical hollowware that allows you to carry sanitized instruments from one place to another. This medical hollowware equipment is designed to make it easy for those who are a part of the surgical process, they also help in protecting the nurse and patient from a high risk of infection that is exposed during or after surgery.

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