Absorbent Dressing

Mepore dressing is a breathable, self-adherent dressing that absorbes blood and exudate. Zetuvit Plus Dressing is a non-bordered superabsorbent dressing that does not contain an adhesive layer and ensures fast absorption of wound exudate. 

Melolite dressing absorbent pads are comfortable dressings which can be cut to shape and retain its integrity when cut. 

Absorbent dressings are designed to absorb large quantity of exudate and hold it away from the wound and surrounding skin. 

Mesorb dressing is a soft, highly absorbent dressing which has high retention capacity for good exudate management. 

Mextra Superabsorbent is intended for use on moderately to heavily exuding wounds, such as venous leg ulcers, or pressure ulcers. 

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