Exufiber is a non-woven PVA dressing. It transforms into a gel upon contact with exudate that helps it in softly conform to the wound bed. Exufiber can be used to treat a wide range of medium to highly exuding wound, including cavity wounds. 

Exufiber is made with hydrolock technology to both absorb exudate and keep it locked in to the fibers. Exufiber reduces the risk of leakage and maceration, helping to create an optimal healing environment. 

Hydrolock technology also means exufiber stays intact when wet, without the need for further reinforcement, making it easy to remove in one piece during dressing changes. 

Exufiber dressing softly conforms for greater comfort. It locks in exudate to reduce the risk of leaks and maceration. 

It enables an optimal healing environment and stays intact for clean and easy, one-piece removal. 


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