Shiley™ XLT Extended-Length Cuffed Distal 6mm Tracheostomy Tubes

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For patients with challenging anatomy, Shiley™ XLT extended-length disposable inner cannula tracheostomy tubes are an efficient and economical, off-the-shelf alternative to custom tracheostomy tubes.

Shiley™ XLT tubes are available with extended length in either the proximal or distal portions. Choose extra length in the proximal portion to accommodate increased skin-to-tracheal-wall distances in patients with a full or thick neck. Tubes with extended distal length compensate for conditions such as tracheal stenosis or malacia, which often require extra length.

Shiley™ XLT tracheostomy tubes also offer patient comfort through our flexible, free-swiveling neck flange while providing easy inspection of the stoma site. A disposable inner cannula is secured with our unique twist-lock mechanism, affording ease of use for both patients and healthcare workers.


  • Latex-free.
  • For patients with challenging anatomies.
  • Four adult sizes, cuffed or cuffless, and with proximal or distal extension—16 options for patients.
  • Soft swivel flange for heightened comfort and stability.
  • High-volume, low-pressure cuff to reduce the risk of tracheal damage.
  • ISO sizing indicates I.D. of disposable inner cannula.
  • Sterile and individually packaged in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8.


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Shiley™ XLT Extended-Length Cuffed Distal Tracheostomy Tubes

Shiley™ XLT Extended-Length Cuffed Distal 6mm Tracheostomy Tubes

Ex. GST : $144.00
Inc. GST : $158.40

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