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Mepilex Border Post Op Dressing 6x8cm – Box/10


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Mepilex® Border Post-Op dressing is extra-conformable and easy to use for surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions. It’s self-adherent, thanks to Safetac® – the original less-pain contact layer with silicone adhesion. It’s designed to mould softly to skin without sticking to the moist wound. So you can remove it easily without damaging the skin.

The absorbent pad has Flex technology for extra flexibility – so you can rely on it for treating joints such as hips and knees  – to support early patient mobility. The design is highly absorbent to reduce dressing change frequency.

  • Helps reduce the risk of surgical site infections 
  • Supports early patient mobilisation 
  • Can help you reduce dressing-related costs  
  • Less pain during dressing change 
  • Doesn’t stick to the wound

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