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BD Eclipse Needle for Luer Lock Syringes 18Gx38mm Box/100

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How to Use the BD Eclipse Needle for Luer Lock Syringes:

1. Attachment

  • 1a- Firmly attach needle onto a Luer Lock syringe with a push and clockwise twist.
  • 1b- Pull back on the safety cover toward the syringe and away from the needle.
  • 1c- Grasp the syringe with one hand and with the other hand pull the clear needle shield straight off

2. Aspiration
Draw up medication as per your usual technique.

NOTE: If changing needles, activate safety cover prior to removing the needle from the syringe

3. Injection
Administer medication in accordance with established protocol. For user convenience, the needle “bevel-up” position is oriented to the safety cover.

4. Activation
After injection, immediately activate safety cover as follows:

  • Using the same hand holding the syringe, center thumb or forefinger on the finger pad area of the safety cover.
  • Push the cover forward toward the needle until you hear and/or feel it lock. Visually confirm that the needle tip is covered.

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BOX (100 Pcs)

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BD Eclipse Needle for Luer Lock Syringes 18Gx38mm Box/100

Price : $57.00GST Free

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