Smith+Nephew Acticoat 3 Day Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing 10 x 10 cm

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Acticoat* (with Nanocrystalline Silver) † dressing is an effective antimicrobial barrier dressing. The nanocrystalline coating of silver rapidly kills a broad spectrum of bacteria in as little as 30 minutes. Acticoat dressing consists of three layers: an absorbent inner core sandwiched between outer layers of silver coated, low adherent polyethylene net. Nanocrystalline silver protects the wound site from bacterial contamination while the inner core helps maintain the moist environment optimal for wound healing.

  • For external use only
  • Acticoat is not compatible with oil-based products, such as petrolatum
  • Avoid contact with electrodes or conductive gets during electronic measurements e.g. EEG and ECG.
  • Acticoat mat cause transient discolouration of the surrounding skin.
  • Avoid exposure to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Protect from light
  • Do not use if product colour is not uniform.



  • Nanocrystalline Sliver Antimicrobial barrier
  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting
  • Effective barrier to over 150 pathogens
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Reduces risk of colonization
  • Effective barrier to bacterial penetration
  • Helps maintain a moist wound environment
  • Easy to use
  • Low adherent


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ACTICOAT 3 Day Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing 10X10CM

Smith+Nephew Acticoat 3 Day Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing 10 x 10 cm


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