Durable, reliable and discreet. The Ugo fix bag belt provides enhanced support for the Ugo Leg Bag, offering patients freedom and extra reassurance. 

It has a universal appeal giving patients the confidence to maintain or increase their level of mobility and activity. 

Secure, reliable and simple to use. The Ugo fix catheter strap provides comfortable support, giving patients the freedom to move around freely. 

You can use the Ugo fix catheter strap to support urethral catheters, suprapubic catheters and sheath systems. 

Easy to use, discreet and comfortable to wear, and designed in detail for safety and security. The Ugo catheter valve gives patients the confidence they need to carry on living independent lives. 

Ugo fix gentle is a non-sterile, medical device, designed to comfortably adhere to your skin, providing fixation for your two-way indwelling urinary catheter. 

The Ugo fix gentle has a rotating clip which is designed to hold the catheter away from your skin as it rotates. 

Thoughtful and creative, the Ugo stand with dignity is available with or without a dignity cover to hide the bag from view. 

It’s ideally suited to patients who want additional discretion when using their Ugo 2l drainage bag. 


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