Trio Silvex will stretch around your stoma filling creases and contours through close conformity, reducing any gaps between the skin and the seal where effluent can escape. 

Trio Silvex is a soft breathable silicone convex seal that works completely differently to traditional hydrocolloid products. It does not absorb moisture or body waste – for the first time you can have a clean and hygienic seal. 

Trio Silvex convex seals have a natural tendency to return to their original shape when stretched. This means you simply stretch a Trio Silvex seal around your stoma and shape it to form a perfect custom fit. 

When extra adhesion and enhanced protection against leakage is required, Trio Silex soft silicone flange extender is your product of choice. Designed to ensure the edges of your base plate do not lift, but instead are kept securely in place. Trio Silex is probably the most flexible and secure ostomy fixation device available. 

Trio Elite sting free adhesive remover is made from a formulation that is 100% silicone. It’s hypoallergenic and sting-free so won’t irritate the skin around your stoma. 

Trio Elisse sting free skin barrier is a hypoallergenic silicone formula that builds a protective barrier between your ostomy wafer or base plate and your skin.

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