Sentry Medical

Tongue depressor is constructed from 100% non-colored plantation pine timber and finished with a smooth polished edge.

Non-woven combined dressings consist of a highly absorbent inner, enclosed in a soft and comfortable non-woven covering fabric with soft end seals. Ideal for use as a primary or secondary dressing and are non-abrasive on the skin.

Shock blanket offers effective protection against excessive heat and cold. The Sentry Pill Crusher is ideal to quickly crush tablets into an easy-to-consume powder form in the corresponding pouch.

Sentry Medical non-woven split drainage swabs are constructed from a polyester and rayon blend. They have four times the absorbency of conventional cotton.

Sentry Medical patient belongings bags are constructed from durable polyethylene and can be clearly labelled with a patient name and room number.

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