Ocean Health Care

Ocean Healthcare flushable toilet wipes are fragrance free, alcohol free, ph balanced and convenient to use. 

Bed bath wipes are an ideal choice for a full bathing system. This set of premium wipes is made to gently wash and moisturize skin while eliminating surface pollutants.  

Microwave or warming oven-safe wipes that are thick, robust, and soft. These wipes are alcohol-free and soft on the skin, with Aloe Vera added to leave the skin feeling moisturized. 

Ocean Healthcare sickness bags are an easy to use & discreet way to manage sickness while travelling, at home or on the go. Featuring a lockable seal & a large hard plastic opening. 

The hands and face may be cleaned using Ocean antibacterial travel wipes.  Perfect for general cleaning and disinfection, mealtimes, and after using the restroom. 

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