MoliCare’s skin care range offers products specifically designed to address these concerns. With a focus on maintaining a healthy pH balance of the skin and reducing the risk of irritation, MoliCare products provide essential protection. 

MoliCare premium lady pads are designed to provide a perfect fit to the female anatomy ensuring comfort and security during the day and during the night. The 5 drop is ideal for light incontinence. 

Some of the best continence products that help you deal with incontinence better include bed mats that protect bedding and furniture and fixation pants that help keep pads in place. 

MoliCare pads offer a comprehensive selection that provides comfort, discretion and maintains healthy skin. MoliCare skin cleansing foam is suitable for urinary and fecal incontinence that requires no water. MoliCare skin barrier is an effective barrier to protect irritated skin from the effects of incontinence. 

MoliCare Australia offers a huge range of collection including incontinence pants, bed mat, fixpants, lady pants, skin cream, men pads, premium pants and MoliCare’s exceptional range of Skin Care.  

MoliCare skin body lotion is an intensive moisturizer for all over body use. It contains the nutriskin protection complex with nourishing panthenol and almond oil to strengthen the skin’s natural protection and regeneration function. 

At MoliCare, they provide continence solutions to suit the needs of individuals as well as support skin health.  

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