Medicina new enteral feeding system ranges from enteral syringes and has been developed to deliver enteral feeds, medicines and flushes safely to neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. 

The syringes, tubes and accessories are all fitted with an enfit connector and colored purple to clearly differentiate the enteral feed lines from the other patient access lines. The use of a standard enfit connector will allow the syringe to be connected and used with all other enteral equipment without the use of adapters. 

The Medicina enteral syringe system can be used safely to feed, flush and deliver enteral medicines to all types of patients. All patients can be at risk from the harm caused by misconnections of enteral feeds to intravenous device. 

Enteral drainage bags connect directly to feeding tubes or to enfit extension sets to allow collection of drained fluids. Medicina ACE stoppers are small silicone plugs that are used to seal and maintain the patency of stoma sites at various parts of the body.

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