Originally developed for hospitals and medical practices, Leukoplast is available for wound care at home. Whether cuts, abrasions, tears, burns or wounds at risk of infection – they have the tailor-made solution! 

Medical tape for securing wound dressings of all types and sizes. A durable and tan-colored tape. For short-term use on normal, intact skin. Leukoplast strong is a highly adhesive water repellent bandage for short-term use on minor wounds, cuts and grazes. It’s made from a flexible, breathable fabric and a highly absorbent wound pad. 

Leukoplast barrier is a conformable dressing for minor wounds including cuts and grazes. This waterproof, breathable wound dressing forms a protective barrier against bacteria and helps to prevent infection. 

Leukoplast waterproof medical tape for securing bandages, dressings or devices. This white tape is for short-term use on normal, intact skin. It adheres well even when immersed in water and has high tensile strength, making it very durable. 

Leukofix is a transparent medical tape for sensitive skin. It’s ideal for securing catheters, probes and cannulae, or fixing occlusive dressings in place.  

Leukoplast universal finger dressings are for short-term use on minor wounds, cuts or grazes. They are dirt and water repellent and reliable, yet breathable and comfortable, making them ideal for sensitive skin. 

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