The original everyday tissue Their facial tissues are made to know and love; soft, strong, and absorbent 2-ply care for your hands, nose, and face. 

Kleenex was established in 1924 with the creation of facial tissues to remove cold cream and makeup. As a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark, the Kleenex name is now so genericized that it’s used to refer to any facial tissue, regardless of brand. The Kleenex range includes facial tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer. 

All Kleenex brand tissues are made from 100% responsibly sourced fiber and our cartons feature bright, colorful designs that are sure to pop anywhere you want. 

Kleenex flushable wipes are suitable for use in properly maintaining sewerage systems and stream flow conditions are different door-to-door. 

Kleenex Flushable Wipes give a light, refreshing fragrance to deliver a cleaner, shower fresh feeling when dry toilet tissue alone doesn’t provide a good enough cleanliness.   

Kleenex flushable cotton fresh wipes are paper based and dermatologically tested. Kleenex everyday tissues are used for everyday laughs, tears, sniffles and family moments.

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