Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam border dressings are designed to help prevent complications like friction and shear injuries. A better wound environment leads to better patient outcomes. Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam dressings provide an ideal healing environment by simultaneously managing moisture and bacteria in the dressing. As the foam dressing absorbs exudate, PHMB targets and kills bacteria on contact. 

Kendall calcium alginate dressings are designed to interact with sodium in wounds to create an ionic exchange and help jump-start the epithelization process. 

Kendall transparent film dressings consist of a thin polymer film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive, which is ideal for I.V. sites, donor sites, burns, ulcers, and sutures. 

Kendall hypoallergenic clear tape is hypoallergenic, easy to wear even with gloves. It allows visualization of the skin and is ideal for securing iv tubing and dressing that require monitoring.

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