ICU Medical

The morgan lens is a medical device that provides the most effective means of ocular (eye) irrigation to treat many eye injuries.  

The morgan lens provides continuous lavage to the cornea and conjunctiva, floating on the irrigating solution and never physically touching the cornea.

The lockit plus catheter securement device is a unique epidural catheter fixation device designed to help prevent unwanted catheter migration. 

Portex blue line ultra tracheostomy tubes include an inner cannula with disconnection wedge, tracheostomy tube holder, cleaning brush, and patient label. 

Bivona tracheostomy tube provides multiple features in one design. The cuff, when inflated, creates a seal between the tube and the trachea, protecting against aspiration and optimizing respiration. 

Bivona Inner cannula helps to maintain hygiene of the airway and reduce the risk of tracheostomy tube blockage. 

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