Futuro braces and supports help you pursue and live an active life without disruption. Whether you need to prevent re-injury or get pain relief, our products provide mild to firm stabilizing support, while ensuring comfort, fit and compression. 

Futuro deluxe thumb stabiliser with removable stays and adjustable straps for sore, weak or injured thumbs. The Futuro deluxe thumb stabiliser provides comfortable protection and moderate support for weak, aching or sore thumbs. This thumb stabilizer features two supportive stays and adjusts for a customisable fit. The stabilisers restrict excessive movement and provide stability to the lower thumb joints, which helps alleviate pain. The comfortable thumb sleeve and strap allow for customisable support to let you adjust the required degree of compression. The non-elastic lacing system with hook tab makes it easy to wear on either or both hands. Made of breathable material, it is durable and easily washable. 

Aside from seeking medical support, you can use pain-relieving knee braces such as Futuro knee braces and supports. They help stabilize the joint, increase the blood flow, and provide warmth and compression to reduce the knee pain and swelling. 

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