A Conveen solution consists of two products: a sheath worn over the penis connected to a bag worn on the leg. Two products, but one discreet and reliable solution that makes you feel secure all day. Male urinary incontinence is often treated with absorbents and pads. Alternative and discreet products like Conveen urisheaths and urine bags will make you feel secure all day. 

Conveen barrier cream forms a protective film so that damaging secretions are kept away from the skin. The zinc oxide also aids in the protection of the skin by forming a barrier and provides an undisturbed healing environment. Conveen Critic Barrier Cream also contains cellulose gum which has absorbent properties. 

Conveen security+ is a self-sealing urisheath made from latex free material eliminating the risk of latex induced allergic reactions and development of latex sensitivity. Alternative and discreet products like Conveen Leg bags, barrier and external catheter will help you feel secure all day.

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