BSN Medical

BSN Medical Gelocast is a stiff gauze bandage coated with zinc oxide gel to manage chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) including venous ulcers through improved venous haemodynamics by providing almost no resting and high working pressure. 

Surgifix is a soft, white, elastic net bandage knitted from polyester, polyamide, and latex yarns. The special construction ensures that it can be stretched without shrinking or distorting and minimizes torniquet effect. 

Tensopress is a knitted bandage incorporating a soft blend of cotton, viscose and elastic thread. This combination reduces the possibility of irritation to sensitive healing skin and provides superior stretching properties, making it highly conformable. 

Whilst Healthcare wearers require protection from exposure to infectious substances and cross-contamination, latex sensitivity, and allergic reactions can be a concern. Nitrile gloves offer protection without the risk of latex reactions. Debridement pad consisting of white monofilament microfibre loops for gentle debridement and blue tougher fibres for when stronger debridement is required. 

The ProShield Super Resistant mask is ideal for use during all types of surgical procedures where there is a risk of exposure to body and blood fluids, such as orthopaedic surgery.

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