Baxter products carry a portfolio of acute, nutritional, renal, hospital, and surgical care products that help advance healthcare around the world. 

Their global product portfolio enables clinicians to be more efficient and effective in treating patients at the hospital bedside, in the operating theatre, in critical care units, at home, and in the dialysis clinic. 

Plasma-lyte 148 intravenous solution is a sterile isotonic non-pyrogenic iv crystalloid solution used in clinical medicine to provide water, electrolytes and calories to patients. PL 148 is a trademark of Baxter International Inc. 

Baxter sodium chloride intravenous (IV) infusion preparations are sterile, non-pyrogenic solutions of sodium chloride in Water for Injections. Baxter Water for Irrigation is a sterile washing solution that is suitable for washing and rinsing of body cavities, indwelling, urethral catheter, or an alternative washing solution for wounds during a minor surgical procedure. 

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