Bard offers a range of products that aid in collecting urine as well as managing incontinence. They focus on improving the lives of everyone around the globe by providing products ranging from urology supplies to ostomy supplies to catheters and catheter supplies. 

The Bard statlock securement device helps to hold indwelling suprapubic and urethral catheters in place. Statlock stabilization devices are a viable alternative to tape in terms of improving treatment quality, clinical results, and economic efficiency. A unique swivel retainer is included to improve convenience and patient comfort. 

The Bard anti-infective latex Foley catheter is clinically proven to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. 

Other Bard products include bard statlock, bard statlock catheter securement device, bard statlock picc, bard drain bag, bard uriplan leg bag. bard medical products include bard silastic foley catheter, bard silastic catheter, flip flow valve catheter, uriplan leg bag. 

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