Avanos are one of the trusted suppliers of superior products and solutions in respiratory health, digestive health and iv therapy.  

They work on providing supplies for clinical and critical care with a wide range of products designed to facilitate delivery of comprehensive clinical care.  

Joya Medical Supplies offer a wide range of Avanos products including avanos corflo nasogastric tube, avanos extension sets, avanos gastrostomy feeding tube kit, avanos mic gastrostomy feeding tube and more. 

Avanos mic key button is indicated for use in pediatric and adult patients who require long term feeding. Avanos mic-key gastrostomy feeding tubes are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths. It has multiple feeding exit ports to help improve flow and minimize clogging. Avanos extension sets consists of A low-profile version of the mic* jejunal feeding tube, the mic-key* j tube is accessed using mic-key* extension sets with enfit connectors. 

They have prioritized delivering digestive health solutions that help patients improve their health. With their trusted clinical solution that are utilized, they excel in helping patients deal with their chronic disease in the best way possible. 

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