Avagard hand and body wash is a two-in-one product which may be used for both a general routine/social hand wash and as a body wash when showering or bathing. It is used to routinely clean visibly soiled hands and body and remove blood, urine, feces, resident and transient organisms from skin. It is gentle on the skin with moisturizers and emollients.  

Avagard general moisturising barrier lotion hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin’s outer layers, replacing moisture and oils lost by constant hand/body washing. It prevents cracked, dry skin which may harbor more pathogens and therefore increases the risk of cross-infection and leaves a protective barrier on the skin restricting moisture loss. 

Avagard antiseptic chg hand rub is an Alcohol-based Hand Rub (ABHR) providing rapid antimicrobial kill of a broad spectrum of microorganisms. 

Avagard dispenser are used for a hands-free activation and has a smooth, easy to clean design. It is suitable for placement over sinks and scrub days. 

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