Askina dressil is a self-adherent foam dressing with soft silicone adhesive on one side and a vapor permeable waterproof film on the other. It combines the absorption capacity of the foam with the soft adhesion of the silicone contact layer.

Askina foam dressing is an absorbent dressing that can reduce pain and trauma during dressing changes. The dressing absorbs wound exudate through the polyurethane foam and provides a moist wound healing environment to promote wound healing by the presence of a vapor permeable, water and bacteria resistant polyurethane film outer layer. 

Askina heel dressing is an anatomically shaped, two layered, non-adherent foam dressing, which includes a foam security strap and two self-adhesive hooks that allow dressings to remain in place even during movement. 

Askina scar repair is a soft silicone self-adhesive occlusive sheet. It is designed for the management of hypertrophic and keloid scars and the prevention of hypertrophic or keloid scarring after surgery on closed wounds. Askina carbosorb is an absorbent dressing which provides exudate control and odor absorption. 

Askina derm is a sterile transparent polyurethane film dressing. It is semipermeable and suitable for the protection of newly formed skin.

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