The AMT balloon g-tube comes in a variety of sizes to fit customer needs. 

Balloon fill volume can be easily adjusted for a custom-fit, as recommended by your healthcare provider. A better fit can improve patient comfort and reduce leaks. Unique “apple” shaped balloon is designed to cover more surface area and minimize leaks at the gastrostomy site. When filled, the AMT balloon grows horizontally to provide a larger seal surface and may help to reduce granulation tissue. 

The AMT button was the beginning of AMT’s low profile button movement. Its small size and convenient design gave users more allowance for movement and exploration without being hindered by any excess tubing. 

AMT minione balloon button has an internal retention balloon with an exclusive apple shape that keeps the device in place. For insertion and removal, the balloon can be inflated and deflated in either a clinical setting or a home-care setting. 

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