Allevyn Life Foam Dressings help in improving efficiency and patient satisfaction in community wound care. They also support and prevent pressure injury with their advanced features. Allevyn foam dressings are the best when it comes to choosing adhesive dressing as they are built to deliver everyday reliability and address the challenges of treating difficult wounds on delicate skin. 

Allevyn gentle foam dressings can adapt to a wide range of acute and chronic wounds under secondary retention, even in difficult areas. 

Its standard care makes it long-lasting to wear and they have been shown to significantly redistribute pressure over a larger contact area. 

Its advanced lock-in technology provides effective exudate management and the exumask layer minimizes the visual impact of strikethrough which helps patient feel more comfortable and confident. 

One can choose from various shapes, including a unique quadrilobe option designed with a wide border to securely fit on body and help dressing stay in place. 

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