3M is known for its wide variety of medical supplies that include innovative vascular solutions that help reduce the risk of catheter related infections. 

Their medical supplies and skin care solutions protect and maintain skin from conditions like IAD and their wound management solutions help in managing wound exudate and compromised skin. 

As a trusted global supplier, 3M Australia has laid the foundation for preventing infection. They collaborate with you to help you manage risk factors, improve patient safety and manage costs. 

3M offers wound dressing products, surgical products and stethoscopes to the healthcare sector. Their products include 3m Dressing Pad, 3m Steri-strip Adhesive Skin Closures, 3m Durapore Surgical Tape, 3m Transpore Surgical Tape, 3m Wipes, 3m Surgical Clipper, and more. 

3M has always offered solutions to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infection. They meet healthcare needs by offering acute care facilities to special needs of medical consumables. 

Buy 3M products online from Joya Medical Supplies and experience the best defibrillator pads, Microfoam surgical tape and Blenderm Surgical tape. 

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