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Speedicath Standard Male 18FR Male 40cm


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28410/10FR,  28412/12FR,  28414/14FR,  28416/16FR,  28418/18FR



SpeediCath® catheters are safe, hygienic catheters that offer ease of use, greater comfort and minimal risk of urethral damage for all catheter users.

The SpeediCath catheters have been in the market for more than 10 years.

Instantly ready to use without the need to add neither water nor waiting for the coating to get activated, easy to open and simple to handle SpeediCath represents a more convenient way to catheterise.

The uniform hydrophilic surface coating ensures safe catheterisation time after time.

A number of studies have demonstrated that SpeediCath’s ease-of-use plus the fact that it doesn’t need any preparation make it the preferred choice among catheter users (cf 1).

SpeediCath is available in a variety of lengths and sizes to suit both women, men and children.

  • a smooth even coating minimizing the risk of urethral damage
  • are pre-hydrated and thus ready to use
  • intuitive and easy to use


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