Ancoris Tube Anchor Set 6Fr

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Keep nasoenteric feeding tubes simply, securely, and neatly in place — without the mess of tape.

If you secure feeding tubes with tape, you know the drawbacks: tape can come loose with moisture, tubes can migrate or come out, and you’re forced to reinforce or retape them—sometimes multiple times in a single shift!

ANCORIS* features an innovative clamp and extended-wear adhesive that keeps enteral feeding tubes securely in place for an average of 3 days!


Feels better, looks better than tape.

  • Eliminates the need to cover the cheek or nose with tape or other adhesive tube securement devices.
  • Minimal skin contact area may reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  • Flexible positioning on the face enables the clinician to secure the tube out of the patient’s line of sight.


Ancoris* allows for use tube visibility and repositioning.

  • Small clamp size allows for clear visibility of the tube‘s centimeter markings to help monitor tube location.
  • Clamp allows for tube repositioning without replacing the entire device.

Research shows that 40%-60% of feeding tubes that are secured with tape become inadvertently dislodged. 

This may lead to:

  • Delayed enteral nutrition.
  • Increased risk of aspiration.
  • Unnecessary exposure to radiography for your patients.
  • Added time and costs for radiography and replacing feeding tubes.


For patients young and old, and the commonly used feeding tubes.

  • Approved for use on pediatric and adult patients.
  • Compatible with the most commonly used small-bore nasoenteric feeding tubes on the market today.
  • Available in sizes 6 FR, 8 FR, 10 FR, 12 FR, 14 FR.


*This product image is only for reference. 

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BOX (10 Pcs)

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Ancoris Tube Anchor Set 6Fr

Ancoris Tube Anchor Set 6Fr

Ex. GST : $250.00
Inc. GST : $275.00

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