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Surgi-Gel Lubricating Sterile Sachet 3ml, Carbomer Free


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SURGIgel is a sterile, greaseless, transparent, water-based, non-staining, non- irritating lubricating gel. Recommended for general gynaecological, surgical, urological use and when additional vaginal lubrication is needed. Non-toxic and harmless to human tissues, SURGIgel retains lubricicity and will not injure latex, Metal appliances, Surgical instruments, Natural or Synthetic textiles.

Surgigel Plus Features:

– Viscous, water based adhering gel

– Sterilised by gamma irradiation

– Non toxic and harmless to human tissues

– Apply directly to instruments or directly to mucosal surfaces and orifices as required

– Suitable for all surgical instruments and natural or synthethic textiles

– Single use only

– Manufactured by Perrigo Australia

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