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Speedicath Flex Single Loop 14FR Male 33cm


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  • SpeediCath® Flex is a soft catheter with a dry-sleeve and a flexible tip. It has a range of features that makes every step of catheterisation easy for you and is designed for both normal and more complex anatomies with bends and curves in the urethra. 
  • Key benefits 
  • The soft-squeeze grip makes it easy to guide the tip into the urethra safely without touching it. The dry-sleeve means the catheter can be inserted without having to touch the tube itself. 
  • The flexible tip enables easy guidance through the curves and bends of the urethra while the soft catheter ensures easy handling and gentle passage. 
  • For easy, discreet and hygienic handling and disposal, SpeediCath Flex is reclosable and features non-medical, practical packaging. 


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