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Medline Curad® 3G Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves Medium Box/100


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Curad® 3G Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves provide an ideal glove solution for use in environmental services and non-critical and critical care units. They offer workability, flexibility and resilience, thanks to advancements in the technology of stretch synthetic gloves. Medline’s third generation vinyl features effortless sensitivity, softness and comfort during use, which is attributable to its innovative polymer formulation.

Curad 3G gloves are ideal for those with allergies and hypersensitivity, as they are latex-, powder- and accelerator-free. In addition, powdered-free exam gloves can help increase staff safety and decrease germ transmission.

  • Additional features of our PPE-certified vinyl exam gloves include:
  • White colour
  • Smooth texture
  • Odour-free

In line with our standards, each box of Curad 3G Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves has clear cues that help professionals quickly and easily choose the right size. Medline’s colour-coded sizing helps to reduce waste and inefficiency through. These gloves are available in sizes from extra-small to extra-large. Additionally, each box of exam gloves utilises flat-layer packing, which prevents overlapping and allows for a higher number of gloves in each.

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