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iD Light Advanced Ultra Mini- 1D (110ml)


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iD Light Advanced Maxi Shaped Pads are ideal for active women who want discreet protection who suffer from bladder weakness losing a few drops. iD Lights are more absorbent than a period liner and have an absorbent gel with a high concentration of microfibers that can absorb 10x its own weight. The pads are thin and unnoticeable underneath clothing and feel secure with the motion system which adapts to any movement.

The advanced anatomically incontinence pads are designed to blend into your body so you can forget you’re wearing it. Up to ten hour freshness with odour neutralising technology and infused with chamomile to protect the skin, wear iD Light shaped pads for comfort and ultimate protection.

  • Fast Absorption – Maximum fluid retention in a short time, offering extra dry feeling
  • Cotton Feel – A soft back sheet provides maximum comfort and discretion
  • Discreet – Soft, thin and flexible design that will fit discreetly under your clothes
  • Skin Protection – Infused with Camomile prevent and calm skin irritations
  • 10 Hours Freshness – Odour system, allows you to stay fresh up to 10 hours by, blocking, neutralizing and masking any odours
  • Motion System – Gives flexibility to the pad, allowing it to adapt you movements
  • Double Anti-Leak Barrier – Designed to give you double protection against any leakage
  • Anatomical Shape – The pad follows the shape of a normal underwear for a comfortable wearing experience



  • Capacity: 110ml, 1 drops
  • Continence Requirement: Light


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