Fragrance Free Urine Odour And Stain Remover Medium Refill Bottle 2 Litres

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urineFREE is a powerful probiotic urine remover. It contains enzymes and live (but friendly) bacteria that break down the source of pet urine stains and odours. urineFREE will permanently remove urine from carpets, upholstery, fabric, wooden floors, cement, tiles and grout, porcelain, mattresses and other surfaces! Our Fragrance Free range is great for those with sensitivity to fragrances or masking scents, or asthma and allergy sufferers. It works just like the regular urineFREE and contains the same superior bio-enzymatic formula.

Our universal urine cleaner comes packaged in an easy-to-use 2 Litre Refill Bottle that is more economical and perfect for larger problem areas. Product can be applied using a garden pump spray or buy it with our battery sprayer to avoid wrist fatigue. For smaller areas or touch ups, simply refill your 750ml bottle with combination trigger sprayer: use the spray setting for hard surfaces or the stream setting for carpet and upholstered surfaces. Boxed with a secure cap for leak-free transit.

Handy Hints:

  • Shake well before use and do not dilute.
  • Check for colour-fastness on a small area before treating. Ensure padding and sub-surfaces are soaked with urine FREE where affected. Repeat applications may be necessary on older stains. Occasionally, a stain may intensify during the treating process. It will disappear with repeat treatments.
  • Allow the area to stay wet with urineFREE as long as possible. Different surfaces may require more or less product depending on porosity.
  • Do not use other cleaning or odour- masking products.

Caution: Do not use as an air spray. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and open wounds. Do not spray on humans or pets. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

First Aid: 

  • SKIN: Rinse well with soap and water.
  • EYES: Flood with water. If irritation develops, contact a physician.
  • INGESTION: Drink large quantities of milk.
  • INHALATION: If breathing difficulties persist evacuate to fresh air.

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Fragrance Free Urine Odour And Stain Remover Medium Refill Bottle 2 Litre

Fragrance Free Urine Odour And Stain Remover Medium Refill Bottle 2 Litres

Ex. GST : $59.50
Inc. GST : $65.45

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