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Fixomull Gentle Touch Skin Sensitive 15cm X 5m


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Fixomull skin sensitive has been specifically developed for patients with fragile and compromised skin.  The soft silicone adhesive ensure secure fixation and atraumatic removal.

  • Reliable adhesive with low impact on fragile and compromised skin
  • Atraumatic removal, protecing skin integrity
  • Prevents skin stripping and tearing
  • Breathable mateial prevent maceration
  • Can be repositioned wihtout stressing the skin or losing adhesive strength
  • Easily separated when stuck together
  • Radio-transparent for rapid x-ray procedures

for secure fixation of wound dressings or secondary fixation of medical devices for patients wiht fragile and compromosed skin:

  • Older patients suffering from fragile skin
  • Patients whose skin is compromised as a result of disease, medication or long-term treatment
  • Infants whose skin is not yet fully developed and is therefore extra sensitive

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