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Actreen SafeSet® Catheter Fg18, 47cmCatheter


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The Actreen SafeSet® is a ready to use set for single urinary catheterization at hospital, allowing a reliable urinalysis with a needle free sample port. The set includes a pre-lubricated catheter and a urine collecting bag sealed together as closed system. Actreen SafeSet® is the answer to European recommendations for reducing nosocomial urinary tract infection (UTI).


  • Pre-lubricated (hydrophilic lubricant) catheter; no risk or interference of catheter lubricant with urinalysis
  • PVC-free catheter
  • 47 cm catheter length with Nelaton tip
  • Available in CH10 to CH18
  • “No touch” system of the protective sheet to guarantee sterility and minimize the risk of catheter contamination during handling
  • Graduated bag with 1,5 L capacity
  • Pouch can be emptied thanks to thepre-cut and gripping eyelets
  • Anti-reflux valve to avoid urine backflow from the pouch to the bladder
  • Integrated needle-free sample port to prevent cross contamination
  • Sterile double packaging
  • Boxes of 50 sets


Single urinary catheterization at hospital, allowing a reliable urinalysis.


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