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Actreen Hi-Lite Set Tiemann 37cm 14FR, MALE


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 Also Available in CH10-CH18 


Actreen® Hi-Lite Set with a slightly curved Tiemann tip is a single-use, ready-to-use set for intermittent catheterization adapted for men preferring a curved Tiemann tip. The set includes a long catheter and urine collection bag with an anti-reflux valve, both sealed together. 

  • 37 cm long sterile catheter with Tiemann tip 
  • Ready-to-use pre-lubricated catheter with hydrophilic gel (no need to add water) 
  • The Actreen® Hi-Lite Set hydrophilic lubricant is proven to keep the catheter fully lubricated from the initial opening up to 60 minutes.*) 
  • Non traumatic catheter eyes for smooth insertion 


  • Different opening options including an improved no touch system for further safety. Also for patients with reduced dexterity 
  • New material, TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin = PVC-free) 
  • Bag with anti-reflux valve and urine capacity of 1L 
  • Easy bag emptying 
  • The set is foldable for further discretion (except CH18) 
  • Pocket sized pouches are included in each box. Therefore patients can carry their daily catheter requirements. 


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