CC InfynaChic Ch12 Catheter and Case 2020
CC InfynaChic Carton with Case 2020
CC InfynaChic Open Carton Shot 2020

Hollister Continence Care is pleased to announce a brand new catheter for female intermittent catheter users, Infyna Chic catheter.

Hollister’s Infyna Chic Designed to help provide women who use catheters with a high level of discretion, the Infyna Chic catheter joins the existing ANZ product portfolio sitting beside VaPro™ hydrophilic intermittent catheter brand, offering women a hydrophilic catheter to meet their individual needs.
At Hollister, we understand how important discretion is for women who use intermittent catheters. We are thrilled to address this need by bringing our discreet, beautiful and easy to use Infyna Chic catheter to market. Designed with input from clinicians, the Infyna Chic catheter is ready to use and comes in a pink pearlescent case.
Key stand out features are:
• A unique flip cap that is easy to open and close with just one hand
• A case that does not leak when reclosed after using
• Just right stiffness that helps support easy, touch-free insertion
• 14cm catheter length that helps give confidence the bladder is fully drained
• PVC free
• Fully recyclable case
The Infyna Chic catheter has already successfully launched in several international markets and was awarded a prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies

Here are the instructional videos:

Wheelchair users

Ambulatory users

Price: $111.00 for a box of 30 catheters.

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