Designed through intensive consultation with practitioners, Seirin set out to produce a superior product that was safe, effective, and easy to use. The result of their research is the Pyonex press needle. After enjoying sweeping success throughout Japan, Acuneeds is proud to bring this product to you and your patients.

Pyonex needles are effectively used on trigger points, local points that are tight or painful (Ashi points), or any acupuncture point deemed by the practitioner to benefit from continuous, subtle treatment over the day(s) following their consultation.

The secret to the perfect but painless insertion of Pyonex needles is in the patented needle head, the same used in Seirins J-type needles. The proprietary pine tree leaf needle tip ensures effortless, pain-free insertion.

The adhesive tape is made from Micropore, which allows the skin beneath it to breathe. It adheres effectively and comfortably to the treatment area, ensuring safe treatment.

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