Poise has you covered every day with a choice of liners and pads, whether you need light protection for pilates or thicker pads for nocturnal usage. 

Poise products are specifically intended to provide comfortable and inconspicuous protection for light to moderate incontinence, allowing women of all ages to manage symptoms in their daily lives. 

The Poise 2-in-1 washable absorbent underwear protects against all your leaks—period leaks and bladder leaks—and feels just like your regular underwear. The Poise thin & discreet range has been specifically designed for bladder leaks, with superior 3-in-1 dryness, comfort, and odor control that a period pad can’t provide. 

Poise pads overnight provide discreet protection for when light bladder leakage (LBL) occurs regularly. Poise pads come in various styles and absorbencies to provide outstanding protection for small up to large bladder leaks. Discreetly designed to fit your curves so you have coverage where you need it, they offer outstanding dryness, comfort and odor control to give you the confidence and protection you need as you go on with your day. 

Poise liners are specifically designed to be thinner and more absorbent than leading period liners to help women control and manage light bladder leakage (LBL), so you remain protected and feel confident and in control. Poise Pads offer discreet protection and absorbency for when bladder leakage occurs regularly or for large amounts of liquid leakage (a half cup or more). 

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