OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly is class IIa sterile and available in a comprehensive range of formats: syringes and tubes, to suit clinician preference and procedure requirements.  

Developed by clinicians, for clinicians  

  • Water soluble, pH balanced universal sterile lubricating jelly 
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy, transparent and petroleum free 
  • Will not damage rubber or metal and is safe to use on human tissue 
  • Adheres well to gloves/instruments

OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly is a medical device, developed to aid the smooth insertion of medical devices during a range of examinations and procedures. 

OptiLube is water-soluble, transparent, and formulated to adhere well to gloves and instruments. 

The use of sterile lubricating jelly during procedures and examinations reduces the risk of pain and trauma to the patient, by reducing resistance of the equipment as it is inserted. 

OptiLube catheterization jelly pre-filled syringes are ideally suited to patients with contraindications or sensitivities to local anesthetic (Lidocaine) and/or antiseptic (Chlorhexidine Gluconate).  

OptiLube catheterization jelly syringes are part of our catheterization jelly range, a range of sterile, lubricating pre-filled syringes, developed specifically for use during catheterization. 

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