Glucerna is a nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to support people living with diabetes or impaired glucose levels. They are dedicated to helping guide and support people living with diabetes. With our nutrition and medical expertise, we can help you manage your glucose levels and empower you to stay on your track.

Glucerna provides complete, balanced nutrition and is formulated to provide a steady release of glucose, helping you manage blood sugar levels. Glucerna Australia powder includes different flavors like Glucerna Vanilla, Glucerna Chocolate and more.

Glucerna Select is for those with abnormal glucose tolerance as supplemental or sole source nutrition in appropriate amounts. A specialized, slowly-digested carbohydrate system formulated to assist with postprandial response.

With a low glycaemic carbohydrate blend plus myo-inositol, Glucerna chocolate powder helps to manage blood glucose levels as well as other ingredients that make it beneficial for people with diabetes. Glucerna is backed by 50 clinical studies and over 30 years of scientific evidence.

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