FreeArm products come with more mobility with bolus and pump feeding, they clamp to any surface, also work as a travel pump and feedbag holder, and are easily bendable. 

The FreeArm muscle holds tube feeds and infusions at the hospital, home and on-the-go. The FreeArm muscle clamps to surfaces up to 2 inches thick, flat surfaces such as dining table and side tables and rounded bars such as the bars on a wheelchair, stroller or hospital crib. 

FreeArm muscle tube feeding and infusion holder is better than an IV pole. It’s much easier to travel with a FreeArm muscle, improving nutritional compliance and quality of life. The FreeArm muscle’s bendable arm aids in regulating the flow rate of gravity syringe feeds, improving patient safety in a way that iv poles and backpacks can’t. 

They are also convenient, come with enhanced features, are designed to be portable and compact, and can be used without any hassle. 

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