Defries carries a wide range of medical consumables that include sterile items essential for surgical processes and medical consumables that can be used in hospitals, by general practitioners and specialists.  

They are high in quality and easy to use, and they support all areas of healthcare. It includes a catheter pack, a pressure round pad, and a nasal bolster. 

Defries catheter pack sterile kit is sterile, easy to use with quality consumables and medical-grade stainless steel instruments. 

I.V. pressure round pad sterile Ideal for use following an intravenous injection, removal of an IV, drawing blood, giving immunisation shots or after arthrocentesis. 

Each IV pressure pad comprises of a round adhesive with a haemostatic pad.  

Nasal bolster non-sterile is super absorbent and comfortable, ideal for post-operative nasal procedures. It has a non-woven cover, is quick and easy to apply and one size fit all. 

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